Telling Stories

It doesn't matter who you ask, learning to be a better communicator is a skill that will help you success in your role more than almost any other skill. Let me help you learn to tell stories more effectively.
1. What Goes Into a Story
2. This Takes Practice
The Narrative
3. Stories We Start With
4. Theme, Filter, Structure
5. Five Story Frames
Tips & Tricks
6. Using Stories to Get Past Barriers
7. Timing & Editing
8. The Power of Metaphors
Shaping Your Material
9. Your Opening
10. Stepping into the Story
11. Exiting out of your Story
Your Voice & Body
12. Your Voice
13. Your Physicality
Stories You'll Tell in Business
14. Business Storytelling
15. Pitching Products
16. Claim Stories
17. Aim Stories
18. Pain Stories
19. Train Stories
20. Gain Stories
21. Connecting Dots